Roasted Vegetables

roasted vegetables

“Eat your vegetables!” That phrase has stricken many children with fear and disgust throughout the generations, so I’ve heard. Vegetables have gotten a bad rap for a long time as something not to be enjoyed, but rather eaten only because…
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Homemade Syrup

waffle with pecans, homemade syrup and coffee

This syrup. Is. Delicious. And so easy. And it can taste like anything you want it to. We eat a lot of waffles and pancakes at our house. I am not of fan of the syrups from the grocery so…
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Chicken Corn Chowder

chicken corn chowder

Soup, I would venture to say, is the ultimate comfort food. It comforts us when we are cold, tired or ill. It comes in so many varieties and flavors – it is universal. I can’t think of a culture that…
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Chicken Bundles

Chicken Bundles

One of the all-time most requested meals from my kitchen – chicken bundles. In fact, the last time I made these, my husband mentioned that he could eat these every meal and be happy. I’m going to credit that statement…
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Black Bean Salsa

black bean salsa

Black bean salsa is an all-time favorite of ours year-round and always a hit with a crowd. Fresh, flavorful, crisp. Actually, I love the black bean-tomato-corn combination and use the trio in a lot of dishes. This salsa is a…
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Sweet Mustard Sauce


One of my family’s favorite ways to eat ham is with this sweet mustard sauce. During grilling season, it can be brushed onto a ham steak on the grill. In the colder months, I make it a little thicker, slather…
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Almond Apple Pie


I would like to blame it on the fall season – this strong desire I suddenly had for pie. In fact, I would like to blame all my dessert issues on some season or other. Alas, I cannot. The season…
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