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Trish Jackson

Thanks for dropping by.  Let’s get acquainted for a minute, then I will tell you why I’m here.  I am a God-chaser, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and entertainer of angels.  I am also a recovering perfectionist, but we’ll get to that later.  I have spent many years in the business world and a few years as a stay-home mom.  My husband, youngest child and I have recently moved from the Midwest to the Southeastern coast – we love it here.  I am currently a stay-home mom and have more time to do the kinds of things put a smile on my face – like these…..

Cooking and baking: love trying new recipes or making up my own.

Hospitality: love planning and executing parties and events of any size.

Sewing, crafting and DIY: from quilting to flower arranging to designing and building furniture – I really enjoy creating.

Gardening: flowers and vegetables – and love the smell of the dirt in the Midwest.

Reading: volumes and volumes……

Music: someone once said “Music is to the soul what a bath is to the body”.

Horses: this is my selfish passion – the one that doesn’t really contribute to the roles I fill (except that I am so much happier after some time in the saddle).

These are all things I will write about – in no particular order of importance.

What I do feel is of great importance though, is what the Lord has done to me and wants to do through me. I will be writing about that a lot.  I am on a fantastic journey with the Lord.  He has brought me from great depths and is taking me to great heights. I am most likely not at the same place on the same road that you are traveling. That is His plan. I will do my best to represent Him to the degree of revelation that I have at the moment I am sharing. If you’ve been traveling with the Lord very long at all though, you know He has a way of changing our minds about what we think we know – always a new level of understanding to be reached. I encourage you to seek Him daily and allow Him to be the filter for all you see and hear.

Thank you for your interest. I hope you’ll be back soon and often.



  1. Carol Graham

    Like your style, Trish. Glad to have connected with you.

    1. Trish Jackson (Post author)

      Carol, Thank you for checking in and helping out. I enjoy reading your posts. I have added your book to my ‘must read soon’ list. Blessings – Trish


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