Re-purposed Hoosier Cabinet Countertop

re-purposed Hoosier cabinet counter

We have been in our current home less than a year and there are still a few spaces that are not fine tuned.  One of the spaces is our office nook.  We are contemplating a built-in to make the space functional for us.  Until we decide, I need a work station – a ‘home’ for the laptop so it is not ‘stored’ on the dining table or the coffee table. I didn’t want to invest in anything that may be temporary and I didn’t want anything bulky, dark or heavy. I distracted my husband from his project to help me with this one. (Thank you, Honey).

Counter from Hoosier cabinet

I happened to have an extra countertop from a Hoosier cabinet.  We also had some scrap 2×4’s from our shed that we built.  On one of our trips to Lowe’s, we picked up four stair balustrades for less than $3 each.

frame for Hoosier counter

We measured the height we wanted the work station to be and cut off one end of the balustrades accordingly. We then made a frame from the 2×4’s for the top to rest on. We had to notch the frame around a support on the counter.

work table painted frame

I did a little sanding and then painted with white trim paint, also left over from the shed.

work station

The result is a little ‘rustic’ which is fine for a temporary function. I did not attach the top to the frame so if I decide to use it longer term, I will do some more sanding, fill in the wood cracks and seams and paint it again to give it a nicer finish. In the meantime, this gives me a workstation that cost less than $15.  Happy ending.

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