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Happy Friday!

My horizons are definitely expanding lately through my journey reaching out to the world through technology. It is, as any new endeavor, a humbling experience as I realize how much I have to learn about blogging and social media. I am determined to enjoy this journey.

Those of you who know me are very aware of my passion to create things: food, parties, gardens, crafty things …. and I since I am geographically removed from most of you, I am excited to be able to continue to share with you. I’m getting settled in and plan to have a consistent posting schedule very soon.

I do have a funny story about this new adventure. I have begun the habit of taking pictures of almost everything going on in my life – just in case it turns into something sharable. I think my husband is very amused by this. We had planned to build a chicken coop this summer and didn’t get to it. In anticipation of lots and lots of eggs, we were saving our eggs cartons and had accumulated a sizable stack. We decided the other day that my husband would take this stack to a co-worker. He was verifying that I was still in agreement with that and asked me if there was anything else I wanted them for. “Do you want to take a picture of them?” he asked. He’s a funny guy.

My desire is that this sharing becomes a two-way street – that you would also share with me, even if it is just a note of support or a request for a post on a specific topic. I want to hear from  you. Let’s journey through life together – there is so much of life that one person can not possibly experience it all first hand. You can find me on Facebook (finally), Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ (still fine-tuning this one as of this posting). Another way to stay in touch – Follow me on Bloglovin – it’s free and easy. Let’s keep on keepin’on together.

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