Thyme in a Box

thyme in box at window with flash

This spring I planted a few herbs in our garden. Most of the garden is done producing for the year and we are relocating it for next year so I want to dig up some of the herbs and move them inside. I love the smell of thyme, rosemary and especially lavender. I plan to scatter them strategically around the house to reap the benefits of the oils they emit. Thyme is a memory booster and anti-depressant. Rosemary enhances cerebral function. Lavender is calming. (I do want to qualify that I am not recommending ‘sniffing herbs’ as a substitute for prescription medication or a doctor’s care.)

I started poking around my ‘stash’ of stuff the other day to see if I had anything suitable for this purpose. This is what I came up with for the Thyme.Empty wooden box

I found this old wooden box that I rescued from my Dad’s barn a long while ago.

wooden box lined with shopping bag

I lined it with a plastic shopping bag.

Thyme transplanted in peanut butter jars

I had three plastic peanut butter jars. I drilled a small hole in the bottoms for drainage and set them in the lids.

thyme in wooden box

The jars fit perfectly into the box. (I checked before I filled them.)

And now I have it sitting in the window in our dining area. Happy ending.

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